Tuesday, December 13, 2005


mythroku-0.77 released

Very quickly, mythroku-0.77 is released and available at the download link. Lots of useability updates (safe exit from Live TV when a recording is due), program listing arrow indicators, ECP commands, and more. See the CHANGELOG and README for all the details.

Also a big thanks to Ag Primatic for his substantial help in this release.

More to come next week when my third roku arrives...

What version of myth is this based on?

What I'm wondering.. I keep my backend updated to SVN, and I'm concerned about version mismatches. Anything in place to deal with this?
I'm actually working on making it work with the latest svn. It won't work out of the box due to the live TV changes, and the additional field in the program info.

I can make my patch availiable soon.
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a mythroku that works with .19 is up here. The patch file is also there. It's not perfect since I had to remove live-tv, but it works for now.
I have been fighting with a Via SP frontend for way too long, this is exactly what I need.

Are you working to get LiveTV alive with Myth.19?

I ordered an HD1000 today.

Please le me know if there is anything I can to do help out here. Although I'm not a programmer I would love to see this become the defacto frontend for Myth. Let me know.

I have a version that works for myth 0.20 protocols 31 & 32. It can be downloaded at
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