Saturday, September 10, 2005


What is mythroku?

mythroku is an application that allows the Roku Photobridge HD to view media managed by any MythTV PVR.

Typically for each television in a household a separate PC has to be installed to "drive" the television. The PC has to run Linux, and have an installed MythTV "frontend" to connect to the MythTV backend server. In our personal case, we had three PCs running just to enjoy content in various rooms of the house.

The solution was overkill, and after discovering the potential of the Roku Photobridge, it became obvious that a simple solution existed. Mythroku running on the Photobridge is an alternative MythTV "frontend". As it has no hard drive and no fan, it is truly silent. It also appears to sip electricity in comparison to a full PC. Price-wise, the PhotoBridge HD can be a fraction of the cost of a full PC for a myth frontend, minus the headache of external video signal transcoders, monitors, keyboards and mice.

Mythroku support MPEG2 TS and PS video formats, which means that it easily handles SD and HD television programs supported by MythTV. It does not support MPEG4 due to hardware limitations of the PhotoBridge HD.

Mythroku is a work in progress. It currently supports playback of existing pre-recorded shows, but functionality for watching live television programming is still under construction.

Stay tuned for more news, updates, and information about mythroku!

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